I’m A Celebrity 2017 lads STILL think Iain Lee is gameplaying as he faces another Trial

Amir Khan suggests radio host is trying to make himself look like the "good guy"

Iain Lee got his wish to face another I’m A Celebrity 2017 Bushtucker Trial yesterday – but the other men in camp STILL think he’s playing a game.


On last night’s episode of the ITV show, an argument erupted when Dennis Wise objected to Iain doing another Trial, believing he might fail to win any meals.

Jamie Lomas eventually competed in the food challenge, winning six out of eight stars, while the rowing pair made up.

Despite their truce, the tension was still simmering in camp yesterday when the time came to choose players for the next Trial.

Having learned it was named ‘Deadly Departure Lounge’, height-fearing Iain was initially reluctant to take part, claiming: “Departure lounge sounds like it could be heights”.

Jennie McAlpine, however, was convinced it would be on the ground, and Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo agreed: “You’ll be in a lounge, not flying.”

The group worked out that Dennis, Iain and Jennie had done the least Trials, and decided automatically that Jennie should be involved.


After further discussion over who should join her, Iain agreed to give it a go.

“A couple of them wanted me to do it, but I was more than happy to step away,” Dennis stated. “I know much it means to Iain to get to the next level.”

Once Iain and Jennie had set off, the lads back in camp again began speculating about whether the broadcaster is playing a game.

“Why does he pretend he doesn’t want to do it?” sniped Jamie.

“I don’t want to not win stars, because that brings the mood of the camp down,” Dennis commented. “I made my point the other day and I’m hoping that has crossed his mind.”

“What if he comes back with no stars?” pondered Jamie.

“If he’s playing a game, he might do just to p*** us off,” suggested Amir Khan.


The boxer went on to hint that Iain may be playing up to the cameras to make himself look like the “good guy”.

“I think he’ll get the stars, he’ll do it today because it’ll be good for him to,” Dennis predicted.

“Yeah, the timing for him it’s perfect, he’s the good guy,” smirked Amir.

Having picked up on the conversation, Toff defended Iain in the Bush Telegraph.

“I overheard the boys discussing things about a game plan, which with Iain I can’t really see,” she said. “We’ve been in here starving, tired, on top of each other for nearly three weeks.

“I just don’t think anyone could keep up a gameplan. It would be too exhausting, and I think it would come out. The truth always does.”

However, in his own Telegraph chat, Amir claimed Iain has a “yo-yo” personality and should “be real”.

“If he wants to win the show then fine, but be real with yourself,” Amir commented.


“I came into camp, you’ve seen my personality, I’ve not changed one bit. I just don’t like how people change like a yo-yo.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.