I’m A Celebrity’s James McVey comforted by Malique Thompson-Dwyer after missing out on care package


Malique Thompson-Dwyer comforted James McVey on I’m A Celebrity after the care package twist.

In last night’s show, James, Anne Widdecombe and Nick Knowles took part in a special task.

They arrived at a gladiatorial arena and were faced by 30 terracotta vases perched on podiums of varying height. Using crossbows, they had to destroy the green vases in order to win care packages for the camp.

After they had used all their shots, they had successfully smashed 8 green vases, meaning 8 care packages for camp.

It was down to Emperor Noel Edmonds and Advisor Harry Redknapp to decide who would get them in camp. Emperor Noel automatically had his as Emperor.

The pair decided that it would be Nick, James and Harry who didn’t have care packages.

Both Nick and James were left visibly upset by the decision, as the other celebs red out their letters from home.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer later comforted James in a touching heart to heart away from the group.

Malique said: “It’s just s**t isn’t it. I’m so sorry man.”

“Don’t be stupid man, not at all,” insisted James. “It’s part of it.”

Malique replied: “They’re just trying to make us crack mate. That’s what they’re trying to do.”

James responded: “It’s all good, seriously, I promise.”

Meanwhile, following the care package deliveries, I’m A Celebrity hosts Holly and Dec announced the end of the week’s ‘Empire twist’.

“The Empire and the Emperor will be no more,” the pair revealed to the camp.

It meant that Emperor Noel and his second in command Harry would automatically face the next trial, called Nero to Zero.

The first part will see the pair have to hold live critters in their mouth while the second half will involve an eating task with sheep’s brain and fish eyes.

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