I’m A Celebrity’s Giovanna Fletcher reveals how she was cut from TOWIE


Giovanna Fletcher has revealed she was once cut out of The Only Way Is Essex.

The author and podcaster made the revelation in the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity.

Giovanna spoke about how she once agreed to appear in TOWIE – but didn’t make the cut.

Giovanna revealed how her brother Mario Falcone was in the series at the time: “They talked me into being part of the scene. They really had to talk me into it.

“It was a massive thing for me to say I’ll do it. And then I got cut. I was more upset about being cut. I am not Towie enough” she joked.

Shane Richie said that the same thing had happened to him.

He explained: “It happens to all of us. I’ve done stuff in the past when I thought, hey, I’m in this movie, and I’ve watched it and I’m not in it and they’ve cut me.”

Shane continued: “I got turned down this year by Mr Tumble. So, we’re all out of work, my manager rings up and says ‘I’ve put you up for this part, they’re making this movie before they go into lockdown and they want you to play a cheeky copper.’

“No. Don’t want him. Didn’t even get back to me.

“I’ve starred with Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, and I’m thinking yeah I’m ready for Mr Tumble and no. Even Mr Tumble didn’t want to work with me.”

Giovanna replied: “Sometimes you’re just not wanted. And that’s ok. You sort of keep riding the wave. Sometimes Towie doesn’t want you. Sometimes Mr Tumble doesn’t want you but someone will.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, the celebs shared some of their worst ever jobs.

Giovanna revealed that she used to work in an off licence: “We used to get people coming in who obviously wanted alcohol for free. You know the big crates of beer that are covered in plastic.

“They’d pick up the ones that were kind of loose, chuck them at you behind the counter and then run off with the rest. Awful people.”

Beverley Callard told the campmates that she worked at a hypnotherapist: “I was his receptionist, he was a hypnotherapist. He was really really good. He used to obviously stop people smoking but not me. I used to stand on the loo and blow my smoke out the window.”

Vernon Kay added: “I worked in a banana factory sticking stickers on bananas in Bolton, a banana ripening factory. I did it until I was 22 before I moved to London. I did it every summer.

Later he added “Some of my jobs sound awful but I loved every single minute of what I did. I made great friends whilst I was sticking stickers on bananas. I nearly blew up the banana factor by the way but that is a different story altogether

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