I’m A Celebrity tonight (Monday, 4 December)


I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues this evening on ITV1 with yet more jungle action and another elimination.

Ant & Dec returned to front the latest live show from Australia at 9PM on Monday, 4 December on ITV1 and ITVX.

Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity eviction

In the episode, Ant & Dec went to camp to announce the results of the second elimination of the series.

With the most votes, it was social media star Nella Rose who was second voted off.

She said of being the next one out: “I tired, it was very scary. Way scarier than I thought. I thought it was going to be light work… but it wasn’t.”

Nella Rose leaves I'm A Celebrity

What else happened in the episode

As ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ approached its first public vote-off, emotions ran high in the camp tonight.

Nella, speaking to Danielle, expressed her apprehension about the upcoming elimination, saying, “I’m so nervous. I don’t want anyone to leave.” In the Bush Telegraph, she reflected on the bittersweet nature of the situation, realizing that it was the last time they would all sleep together in the jungle. Despite finding Nigel and Fred annoying at times, Nella admitted to Danielle, “I love the drama. I live for it.”

Sam, sensing the tense atmosphere in the camp, remarked, “Well, well, well everybody, buckle up as it looks like it’s going to be quite a day.” Tony, in the Bush Telegraph, noted the change in mood, describing the camp as apprehensive and a bit nervous about the impending vote-off.

The morning was not without its lighter moments. Fred humorously commented on Josie’s unconventional cooking approach to Nick, saying, “She’s the Frank Sinatra of chefs, she’s doing it her way.” However, in the Bush Telegraph, he admitted his frustration with her lack of method and technique in the kitchen. Tony was less forgiving about the morning meal, bluntly calling it “F***ing horrific. It’s proper just jail food this, just slop.” Nick, also in the Bush Telegraph, joked about not missing the breakfast if he were to leave that day.

The tension peaked when Ant and Dec entered the camp to announce the first elimination. The person voted off was Frankie, to which Sam shouted, “Love you Frank!” As Frankie left, the campmates cheered him on, mimicking his signature ‘beautiful’ expression as a tribute.

Later, the focus shifted to the day’s trial, ‘Celebrity Distressing Rooms.’ Sam read the instructions, and Fred immediately volunteered, stating, “I will go. I will go.” Despite Tony’s suggestion to take time and let everyone express their interest, Fred insisted, “I’m going to go. I want to go because I want to go and do my best to bring the stars, to bring stars back for you.” Eventually, the camp agreed, and Fred set off for the trial.

At the trial clearing, Fred told Ant and Dec, “I’m feeling great, I was always going to come here and do a Trial this morning because I haven’t done one, so it’s only fair that I volunteer for this.” He faced challenges in rooms named after celebrities like ‘Dame Judi Stench’ and ‘Rat’ Damon, interacting with critters and searching for stars. Despite not finding all the stars, Fred completed the trial with seven out of nine stars, expressing his disappointment but satisfaction in having done his best.

Back at the camp, Josie’s attempt at cooking bean fritters was less than successful. She humorously admitted, “Mission abort. Mission abort,” as the dish failed to come together. Fred, in the Bush Telegraph, commented on the failed attempt, while Nick laughed about learning from failure.

The camp also enjoyed a light-hearted moment with an X Factor-style audition, where Nella and Sam vied for a spot as JLS backup dancers. Marvin, acting as judge alongside Nick and Josie, watched as both contestants showcased their moves. The playful competition ended with both being declared ‘through’ by Marvin.

In a more serious conversation, Tony spoke about the dangers of boxing, candidly sharing with Nella, “It’s so dangerous. It’s brutal.” He acknowledged the risks and accepted them as part of his chosen career, understanding the potential long-term impacts of the sport.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.

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