I’m A Celebrity tears as letters from home arrive


There were tears on last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity as the campmates received letters from their loved ones.

The celebs took part in a challenge to win the letters and all ten of the remaining celebs won their messages.

Fred’s family sent a letter, expressing how much they missed his presence and his loud laugh. The letter, read by Nick, said: “Hi Papa, we miss seeing your face every day and hearing your loud laugh. But it gives us so much comfort to see you on the TV every evening.”

Tony read out Sam’s letter from his girlfriend Zara, affectionately referring to him as ‘Goose’ and encouraging him to keep shining and lighting up the camp. The letter read: “It’s your Goose here. Keep shining, keep lighting up the camp in your special way and know just how beautiful a person everyone thinks you are.”

Nick reads a letter on I'm A Celebrity

Josie was moved by the letter she read from Nigel’s four children, which reflected their pride in him showing the world who he truly is and jokingly mentioning his prowess in sinking dirty pints. “To Dad, you’ve achieved so much over the years but nothing has made us prouder than showing people who you really are. Why are we not shocked at you effortlessly sinking those dirty pints?”

Sam read Tony’s letter from his wife Rachael, filled with love and pride. Rachael mentioned their son Carson missing Tony, and playfully commented on Tony’s Trial participation: “Hey Ant, we love you so much and Carson keeps asking for you – sometimes kindness and support has shown the world the real you. I can’t believe you did the drinking Trial, don’t expect me to kiss you.”

Nigel delivered Josie’s letter from her son Reggie: “Hello Mummy, I hope you are having the best time in the jungle, I have been watching you at home with Daddy. The snakes and spiders look scary mummy, but you are doing a good job. I love you and miss you.”

Nella read Danielle’s letter from her grandparents, who expressed admiration for her bravery and kindness. “Dear Danielle, I’m shocked how many fears you are conquering. Keep being you and let the world see how kind-hearted and supportive you are. You and Josie absolutely smashed that Trial, you’ve always been our Tinkerbell. We love you, Nan and Grandad, are both so proud of you and watch you every night.”

Marvin’s letter from his wife Rochelle shared updates about their son Blake and expressed how much she missed him. “Hey baby, Blake is talking so much more and has been telling his friends at nursery that his dad now ‘works in the jungle’. It’s so weird not having my best mate here. Love Roch, Alaia, Valle and Blake.”

Danielle read Nella’s letter from her godmother Deborah, which praised her as an inspiration and a source of immense pride for the family. “Hey Nells, we want you to know just how immensely proud of you we all are. You’re a shining example for all of us. An inspiration in every sense of the word. Every night we get together and watch you take on the scary Trials and challenges. We all miss you so much and cannot wait to give you all big hugs when we see you.”

Tony on I'm A Celebrity

Marvin read Nick’s letter from his partner Sarah, which contained a lighthearted comment about his eating habits and expressed her love and anticipation for his return. “Hi babe, we’ve not yet seen any hunger tantrums from you yet. So here’s to you being cured of your midnight feasts. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you.”

Fred read Frankie’s letter from his wife Catherine, who expressed how much she missed him and admired his courage in facing his fears. “Honey, I’ve missed you more than I could ever have imagined. You are doing brilliantly and the fact that you faced two of your biggest fears reminds us of how strong and determined you are.”

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