I’m A Celebrity 2023 tonight (Sunday 3 December)

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continued tonight on ITV1 with more jungle action and the first elimination.

Ant & Dec hosted the latest live show from Australia on Sunday, 3 December on ITV1 and ITVX.

Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity eviction

In the episode, Ant & Dec dropped by camp to announce the results of the first elimination of the series. Viewers voted to keep their favourite of this year’s I’m A Celebrity contestants in camp.

With the most votes, it was jockey Frankie Dettori who was voted off.

He said of being the first one out: “I am disappointed but also happy, I did two weeks in there and faced my fears.”

Frankie reacts to his I'm A Celebrity departure

What else happened in the episode

As for what else went down in tonight’s show, Frankie had a surprising encounter while performing his chores as he spotted a snake. He calmly greeted it and later shared in the Bush Telegraph about his unexpected meeting with the reptile.

The conversation in the camp soon shifted to environmental concerns as Josie prepared breakfast by adding leftover eel into the rice. Nigel sparked a discussion about the implications of overfishing in the oceans, which was met with agreement from Tony. However, Fred challenged Nigel’s focus on European responsibility, arguing that overfishing is a global issue. In the Bush Telegraph, Fred expressed his frustration with Nigel’s narrow perspective, accusing him of talking nonsense.

Elsewhere, Sam and Tony engaged in playful antics, with Sam trying to trick Tony with a leaf. Their behaviour amused some campmates but seemed to annoy others. Nigel commented on their childlike mischief, while Fred found it entertaining and a welcome break from boredom.

Meanwhile, Marvin and Fred shared a moment of personal reflection as they worked out. Their conversation turned to their respective partners, with Fred discussing his upcoming wedding and Marvin expressing how much he missed his wife, Rochelle.

During a sunbathing session, Josie shared anecdotes about her past injuries, which led Nigel to reveal his own experiences with accidents, including being run over. As Nigel joined in sunbathing, Fred jokingly suggested he accessorize with a “Brexit” medallion. The campmates continued to engage in lighthearted banter, including a joke about Nigel potentially having a nipple piercing.

Nella then faced the Fright at the Museum Trial. It involved searching for stars in a dark, spider-infested museum, which she tackled bravely, despite her fears. She successfully retrieved 9 out of 10 stars, motivated by her desire to make Tony proud.

Back at camp, the campmates faced a challenge to win each other’s letters from home. The task required teamwork and precision as they manoeuvred a ball run to save the letters from being shredded. After deciding the order of importance for the letters, both teams successfully won all the letters. There were tears as the letters were read out to the camp.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.

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