I’m A Celebrity recap as camp is split in latest episode

What happened on I'm A Celebrity

Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity saw the camp split as two new entrants joining the line up.

Last night’s episode saw hosts Ant and Dec reveal to the cast that they would face a group Trial.

Tonight, they arrived at the ‘Scarena’ for the Locker Shocker Trial. Ant described the task: each participant would be locked in a locker, needing to unlock and collect five stars using keys, not all of which worked.

Grace Dent in the Locker Room task

Jamie Lynn quickly secured two stars, while fish guts and feathers rained down on the participants. Nigel, Nick, and Grace had trouble securing their first stars. Amidst the chaos, Grace lost her keys, prompting Ant to joke about feathers being a significant obstacle and to advise her to search around.

Jamie Lynn was the first to finish, followed by Nella and Sam. Fred nearly completed the task but dropped his final star, allowing Danielle to finish before him. Ant, caught up in the excitement, compared the tension to that of a Champions League final. Eventually, Fred also finished, finalising the winning team: Jamie Lynn, Sam, Danielle, Nella and Fred.

The losing team, comprising Nigel, Marvin, Nick, Josie, and Grace, faced a less comfortable fate. Dec announced that the winners would return to the main camp for a good meal and become the ‘Home’ team, while the losers would head to ‘Snake Rock’, surviving on rice and beans as the ‘Away’ team.

As the teams settled into their respective bleachers, Dec introduced an additional twist: each team would get a coach as two new celebs joined the show.

Frankie Dettori

Ant, in an announcer’s voice, introduced Frankie Dettori and Tony Bellew as the coaches. The coaches then faced off in the “Don’t Drop The Ball” Trial, where they had to transport pig testicles across the ‘Scarena’ using only their mouths.

Frankie emerged victorious, becoming the Home team’s coach, while Tony, defeated, became the Away team’s coach.

The Home team returned to the main camp, finding it decorated in their team colours with new uniforms and a tour bus. Sam was thrilled, exclaiming about the bus and the upgraded amenities. Frankie also expressed his delight, pleased with the warm welcome and the prospect of a good meal.

Wall of Shame in Snake Rock

Meanwhile, the Away team arrived at Snake Rock, confronted with basic and challenging living conditions. They found themselves sleeping on the floor, a stark contrast to the main camp’s comforts.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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