Watch I’m A Celebrity’s Jordan North, Vernon Kay and Beverley Callard face eating trial

Jordan North, Vernon Kay and Beverley Callard took I’m A Celebrity 2020’s first eating trial tonight.

The trio will faced Frights Of The Round Table after viewers again got the chance to vote for who they wanted to take part in the challenge.

In Monday’s Ant and Dec entered the castle camp to deliver the news, revealing that Jordan North, Vernon Kay and Beverley Callard had the most votes to take part.

In the trial on Tuesday, they face a spinning table full of dishes that Ant and Dec teased would “put the evil in Medieval”

“The only thing spinning more than the table will be their stomachs,” they added.

Everyone would face 2 dishes with the other 4 decided at random. Ant added that all of Beverley’s dishes would be vegan because she’s vegan and that each dish completed is a meal for camp.

Vernon was first up with Lamb Rank which was sheep’s brain, he had to eat half of the meal presented on the plate. He managed to eat it and get the first star for camp, afterwards he said “It was like a really bad pate that’s been left in the sun for five weeks festering.”

Next was Beverley with vomit fruit called a Cheese Fruit Vomlette, she looked at it and said “Oh my god it’s disgusting.” Beverley managed to do it and get the second star for camp.

Jordan was next with a Steak and Eye-Le Pie, also known as goats eyes, he found it hard to chew but managed to do and get the third star for camp.

The next round saw Beverley spin the centre of the table and whoever the sword landed on would have to eat the next dish – it landed on Vernon.

Vernon was presented with Turn Nips Pie, cow’s teat, Vernon managed to eat the dish and get another star. He said “Oh my life, I can’t describe that, mouldy cheese mixed with burnt tyre rubber, the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

Jordan was next to spin the table and the sword landed on himself much to everyone’s amusement. His dish was Medieval Spew, fermented catfish. Jordan downed it and said “That was hideous, like gone off fish.”

Vernon was next with Nuts Roast, deer testicles, he struggled to chew the testicle and keep it down and had to put it into the bucket near him. He said he wanted to do it again and gave it another attempt, this time he did it and got another star for camp.

Up next for Beverley was Falaf Hell Wrap, fermented plums and she had to eat 3 of them. Beverley struggled to keep them down but managed to do it and win another star.

Jordan was next with Welsh Scare Bit, Sheep’s penis. He successfully managed to chew it and win another star.

It was Vernon’s turn to spin the centre of the table and it landed on Beverley who was presented with Dread and Butter Pudding, fermented tofu. Beverley joked as she successfully completed the cast “I’ve only been vegan since March.”.

Beverley was the final celebrity to spin the middle of the table and the sword landed on Jordan who was presented with Spotted Lick, cow’s tongue, he chewed it and managed to get the final star.

The group therefore won 10 of 10 stars.

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