Hugh Dennis spills on Outnumbered special with real-life partner Claire Skinner

Hugh Dennis in Outnumbered

Hugh Dennis and his real-life partner, Claire Skinner, are returning to our screens for a special Christmas episode of Outnumbered later this year.

Filming kicks off in November for the show, which last aired in 2016.

“It’s great that it’s coming back,” Hugh revealed on Good Morning Britain.

“We are doing this 40-minute special but we don’t really know anything about it. We’ve read in the paper that we’ve got a grandchild but we don’t know whose kid it is.”

The original series was known for its unique blend of scripted and improvised scenes.

Outnumbered cast

“As the series went through, the thing that I always thought as they got larger and larger is that it must now be obvious that none of these three children are ours. We couldn’t be the parents of these children,” Hugh joked.

“Claire and I had a sort of script that we were told to learn but not very well, but the kids were all improvised. You’ll never get them to sound like real children unless you let them be real children.”

This Christmas special will be the first time Hugh and Claire work together on-screen since announcing their real-life relationship.

“I’m really looking forward to it and we’re all looking forward to it,” Hugh said.

“It’s going to be strange, isn’t it, because I don’t think we live together anymore as a family. There’s lots of different stuff to reflect and one of the great things about the show was to reflect life as it actually was.”

The Outnumbered cast now

Hugh also shared his thoughts on aging.

Now 62, he said, “I might be unusual in this but I’ve never really wanted to be younger than I am at any stage of my life. I’ve never thought ‘oh no, it’s going to be my 60th birthday,’ I’ve just gone ‘oh, well that’s interesting’ and I think it comes from my mum. My mum, when she went sort of slightly more wrinkly, always went ‘Oh, that’s interesting’. It’s a sort of journey isn’t it.”

So, mark your calendars and get ready for a heartwarming reunion with the Brockman family.

Outnumbered is back, and it’s bound to be a Christmas special you won’t want to miss.

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