How Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel became a Saturday night staple

Michael McIntyre on set of The Wheel

Hosted by the BAFTA award-winning Michael McIntyre, The Wheel returns for more brand new episodes this weekend.

First launching amid lockdown in 2020 the series has become one of the most popular Saturday night shows with its colossal spinning wheel, a roster of celebrity experts and the promise of life-changing cash prizes for its contestants.

And we suspect the socially distanced chairs probably gave it a helping hand at first as well.

While lockdown may be a thing of the past, The Wheel doesn’t look to be disappearing any time soon.

the wheel Michael McIntyre

Chatting ahead of the new episodes, Michael shares that we can expect to see “an astonishing ending that we haven’t had before”

“We made ten Wheels, and broadcast six leading up to Christmas, so we have four remaining and have saved the most dramatic one,” Michael teases.

But what makes The Wheel a Saturday night staple is not just the format or the prizes. It’s the show’s ability to reinvent itself with each episode.

“The wonderful thing about the format is that every game plays out differently,” Michael explains.

With celebrity experts ranging from first-timers like Russell T Davies and Steve Pemberton to veterans like Katherine Ryan and Vanessa Feltz, the upcoming run is set to bring a fresh mix of knowledge, humour and unpredictability.

Michael McIntyre with Dermot O'Leary on The Wheel
Michael McIntyre with Dermot O’Leary on The Wheel

Also back this year is Dermot O’Leary, who has appeared four times and achieved top spot on the leaderboard three times.

Michael jests about creating a Hall of Fame for experts, where Dermot would be the first inductee. “Dermot is now a Wheel legend,” Michael says.

As for how Michael would handle being one of the show’s celeb experts, he quips: “My general knowledge is appalling, which I think helps me not give anything away to the contestants.”

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel airs on BBC One and iPlayer on Saturday nights from 8:10PM on 24 February.

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