Holly Willoughby in tears after This Morning April Fools day prank

Watch This Morning's April Fools Day prank online

Holly Willoughby was left in tears on ITV’s This Morning today after an April Fools day prank.


It all started after a makeover of supposed This Morning viewer Carol, who was really an actress.

She appeared on the show with husband Pete, also an actor, to get a new look for her upcoming school reunion.

But the makeover wasn’t quite as Carol expected and she was left in tears.

“It’s a bit of a shock,” she said looking at herself in the mirror.

Phillip Schofield tried to make the best of a seemingly bad situation, revealing to the couple: “We’ve got flowers and a plush day out in London. We’ve booked a table at The Ivy and drinks on the London Eye.


“If you go downstairs you can get into a car we’ve got you.”

However as cameras followed the couple, their car was seen crashing into the studio gates as it left.

As Holly looked on in shock, Phil quipped: “April Fools.”

She reacted: “Are you joking? That’s really awful. I was panicking so much, oh my god that was awful. I can’t believe you’ve just done that.

“That’s the best and worst April Fool’s ever. I hate you all. I’m so relieved it wasn’t real.

“I could feel myself panicking, I had to stop myself from crying, it was heartbreaking. My heart was pounding. My heart! When are we doing the gin item – I need a drink!”

Phil added: ‘I’m so amazed you didn’t swear.


“I looked like a cold-hearted swine as you were telling them to go downstairs and I was thinking no we have to get in the car because we have to stage a car crash.”

This Morning airs from 10:30AM on ITV, Monday-Friday.

Meanwhile, Phil found himself the victim of an April Fools Day prank thanks to Radio X host Chris Moyles.

He encouraged people to congratulate Phil on his ’60th’ birthday, with #happy60thphillipschofield ending up trending on Twitter.


Phil hit back online, joking with laughing emojis: “YOU are an utter s**t!! ??? #not60forawhileyet ??”

For the record, Phil turned 57 today – Happy Birthday!