Harriett opens up about Love Island dumping and future with Ronnie

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After leaving Love Island, Harriett expresses her feelings about leaving the Villa, discusses her relationship with Ronnie and other contestants, and reflects on her experiences during her time in the villa.

How are you feeling about leaving the Villa?

I feel sad to go. I felt that my experience in the Villa wasn’t over yet. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so if they think me and Ronnie should have gone, what can you do?

Why do you think the public put you in the bottom three?

It’s hard because me and Ronnie have been in such a good place this last week. Maybe just the journey it took for us to get there. Obviously we had our date and re-coupled and stuff. But he was getting himself involved in all of these triangles!

How do you feel that out of the three at risk couples it was you that left?

I wouldn’t have thought it would have been us, I thought it would have been Konnor and Grace as they’re in a friendship couple. But, obviously Grace is one of my best friends in the Villa, she’s a big part of the Villa and her and Joey’s feelings, maybe the public took that into consideration? I feel like we’re in the same place as Uma and Wil, if not more as we’ve had more experiences together in the Villa.


How do you feel about leaving with Ronnie?

I feel good about leaving with Ronnie. I’d rather leave with him than any of the other boys. I’ve had the best experience with him andI’ve met the bestest friends, like Grace, Matilda, Joey and Sean. I’m going to miss them so much.

Are you planning to keep seeing Ronnie?

Yeah, for sure. We’ve had such a good week. I’ll definitely see him on the outside and of course that’s so different to Villa life.

How do you feel about Ciaran now?

He never actually apologised to me, but to be honest I don’t actually care. At the end of the day everyone has their opinions. I lived in that moment and all my friends there thought it was horrible the way he spoke to me. I’m out of the Villa now, I wish him all the best, no bad blood, but he could have given me an apology.

And how are you feeling about Jess?

I feel like from the beginning I’ve always tried to reach out to Jess and try and be there for her . I tried to rekindle our friendship after the Ronnie situation. Naturally, it’s going to be hard when you both fancy the same boy, there’s going to be a bit of tension, but I feel like I’ve always tried to be the bigger person in the situation. However, I did put my foot down and just walked away from that situation because some of the comments I didn’t agree with.

What was your favourite moment in the Villa?

Probably the heart rate challenge. Whatever happened with everyone’s heart rate, it was so much fun. And also my date with Ronnie, I was so lucky, I didn’t expect that at all.


Who would you like to see win?

Sean and Matilda. I think they have a genuine connection, Sean’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Same goes for Matilda. I think they’ll go very far. Sean and I have a lovely connection, brother and sister vibes, and I was so happy when Matilda came in and was all for him.

Have you made plans with any of the Islanders?

We’re going to Ibiza for Grace’s birthday, me and Matilda.

If a friend wanted to do Love Island would you recommend it?

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and anyone would be silly to turn it down. Regardless of whether I left now or in the final, I had the most amazing experience and done things I wouldn’t necessarily get to do, so I’d definitely tell someone to go for it.

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