Handmade Britain’s Best Woodworker 2023 contestants and results

Here are all the contestants and results from Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker 2023.

Returning for its third series, Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker features Mel Giedroyc as she introduces ten of the UK’s finest woodworking enthusiasts who will face weekly challenges to impress judges Sophie Sellu and Tom Dyckhoff.

Here’s a full run down of the woodworkers on this year’s series, who won and all the results…

Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker contestants and results

Nathanael (Winner)

Nathanael. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @nathanaelgriffiths

Nathanael, the youngest woodworker from Cheshire, discovered his passion for woodworking at school, winning the title of Young Woodworker of the Year.


Jen (Runner up)

Jen. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @jenhumphreys.design

Jen, residing in Aberdeen, is a teacher who transitioned from graphic design to woodworking, now teaching Design Technology and finding joy in her craft.


Wolfgang (Runner up)

Wolfgang. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @fuzzyturns

Wolfgang, an IT manager originally from Germany now residing in the West Midlands, specializes in woodturning with an art deco twist.


Caroline (Eliminated episode seven)

Caroline. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @the_artfulwoodsmith

Caroline, a veterinary nurse in Tyne and Wear, also runs women’s woodcraft courses, embracing traditional woodcrafts and taking on diverse projects.


Clare (Eliminated episode six)

Clare. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @the_tradesgal

Clare, based in Glasgow, is a self-employed tradeswoman with a background in Fine Art Sculpture, finding artistic release through woodworking in the challenging Scottish elements.


Leo (Eliminated episode five)

Leo. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @l_and_p_hand_i_craft

Leo, a music teacher in Liverpool, discovered woodworking after a car accident left him with functional loss of his right arm, now using YouTube to showcase his craft and disability awareness.


Nate (Eliminated episode four)

Nate. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @thejourneyofnate

Nate, a housing manager from Kent, transitioned from IT to a role that honors his late mother, learned DIY skills from his passionate woodworker father.


David (Eliminated episode three)

David. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @woodenheartcustoms

David, an assistant head teacher living in Preston, developed an interest in woodwork during lockdown while tackling home and garden projects.


Paula (Eliminated episode two)

Paula. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @putogetherbypaula

Paula, a lifelong woodworking hobbyist in Oxford, introduced to the craft by her father, has taught woodworking skills and fostered over 30 children.


Ade (Eliminated episode one)

Ade. Credit: Channel 4

Instagram username: @mradeamoo

Ade is a trainee carpenter from Birmingham, who brings joinery and design skills to his newfound woodworking journey.


Watch Britain’s Best Woodworker on TV and online

The new series begins at 8PM on Sunday, 8 October on Channel 4.

In their initial trial, contestants must skilfully saw, turn, and join wood to create a garden bench fit for their dream garden, spacious enough to share with a loved one. The pressure is high as they strive to craft a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing piece that can secure their spot in the competition while avoiding elimination.

Additionally, a lifeline opportunity awaits the winner of a skills challenge, granting them safety if they can impress with a wooden greetings card. As they compete, the question remains: who will carve their path to the next round, and who will fall short?

Episodes will air weekly on TV and online via Channel4.com