G’wed release date and cast for new Liverpool-based comedy

G'Wed cast of ITVX TV show
G'Wed: SR1: on ITV1 and ITVX. Pictured: Behind the scenes: Connor [Max Ainsworth], Reece [Dylan Thomas-Smith], Ted [Dominic Murphy], Christopher [Jake Kenny-Byrne] and Mo Fassi [Zak Douglas].

New comedy G’wed arrives on ITVX and ITV2 in 2024, set an filmed entirely on location in and around the city of Liverpool.

When to watch

G’Wed will be released to stream on ITVX on 8 February and will air from Monday, 26 February at 10pm on ITV2.

Set in Liverpool and filmed entirely on location, in and around the city, the series will feature an exciting cast of fresh, young local talent.

About the show

G’wed offers an uplifting, heartwarming, and hilarious look at the lives of today’s teenagers, presenting their unique perspective on the world.

At its core, the show explores the working-class ethos of persevering with humour. It proudly features the authentic Liverpool accent and the real-life experiences of the city’s youth, making comedy central to its narrative. The series bravely addresses significant issues like grief, sex, diversity, and class disparities, all through a lens of sharp wit.

The narrative revolves around Reece, the show’s anti-hero, who might first appear as just another rebellious, foul-mouthed youth but is full of surprises. Whether he’s unexpectedly quoting Mother Teresa, displaying an understanding of John Steinbeck’s literature, or offering a remarkably profound view on loss, Reece constantly defies expectations.

Alongside him is Aimee, a character defined by her fierce ambition, proactive nature, and emotional intelligence. G’wed not only brings to light a part of the UK seldom seen on television but also introduces a group of characters whose depth and complexity are both refreshing and engaging.

You can watch a first teaser below…

Who’s on the cast?

Appearing in the cast, Dylan Thomas plays Reece with headmaster Mr Meacher played by Louis Emerick and Christopher played by Jake Kenny-Byrne (Endeavour).

Connor is played by Max Ainsworth, Ted is played by Dominic Murphy, Mo is played by Zak Douglas (Ridley/After Life), Aimee is played by Amber Harrison, Mia-Louise is played by Gemma Barraclough, Mr Dunn is played by Philip Shaun McGuinness (The Responder),  Pat is played by Jemma Churchill (Alma’s Not Normal).

Leanne Best (Cold Feet, Ted Lasso) plays Reece’s Mum Jo and Sunetra Sarker (Casualty, Brookside) plays Mo’s Mum, Amal.

Writer Danny Kenny said: “Being from a working-class background I’m fascinated by how your upbringing can shape you, so it’s really important to me that the show challenges stereotypes, I want each character to constantly surprise, reflecting a more genuine and well-rounded take on the people of Liverpool.”

ITV’s Head of Comedy, Nana Hughes added: “G’wed sees an extremely exciting group of new talent hit our screens, most of whom will be seen for the first time. Danny captures youthful working class banter perfectly.”

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