Geordie Shore behind the scenes secrets revealed by the cast


The cast of Geordie Shore 2018 have revealed the off camera secrets of the show.

And some of them say filming for the MTV series is like being in “prison”.

Nathan Henry told how phones are confiscated and they’re kept inside the Geordie Shore house for five weeks, able to leave only for work and clubbing.

“You’re allowed one phone call every three days – like prison,” Nathan explained. “If I had a massive argument with Sophie, the first thing I’d do is get my phone, text my friends and bitch about them. So not having phones, it forces you to confront them and sort it out.”

He admitted: “Towards the end you f*****g hate it. You’re counting down the days to going home. You just want a rest.”

Geordie Shore
Geordie Shore

“But the second you get out the house you think, ‘I want to be back in the house. I miss every one’.

Meanwhile, Sophie Kasaei told The Sun of living in the Geordie Shore house: “You’re in there for five weeks straight – think of Big Brother but you’re allowed a phone call.

“It is really full on – even though it is fun, it’s full on. So when we do go out you just wanna have fun, let your hair down and listen to music.

“When you’re in the house you can’t really listen to music because it interferes with the mics.”

And she revealed that the show was now more “stricter” and “controlled” than it used to be.

“We have producers putting us to bed and giving us bottles of water,” she said. “So it’s not like no one is looked after – we’ve got to look after each other but there are people there that are like ‘right come on guys, everyone bed now. Get to bed, fast asleep’.

“Then when we get up they’re coming in with crumpets and water. When we wake up, the camera crew is literally there. They’re putting a mic on you when you’re fast asleep.

“That is the reality of Geordie Shore – we don’t have time to do hair, make-up, even think what we’re going to say. 9am we’re up.”

Meanwhile, Scotty T told how producers also carefully vet any girls who return to the house.

They go through video interviews and even a passport check before finally being allowed to interact.

Scotty t

Scotty told The Sun: “It used to be so much better. Me and Gaz used to go out and go mad and bring all these girls back. There was never any trouble but with the show getting a lot bigger we have to take more precautions.

“Now because the show is so much bigger there are more security issues, girls have to go through a longer process, to be able to go into the house. They have to have three interviews before they even go in.”

Geordie Shore 2018 continues Tuesday nights at 10PM on MTV.

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