Genderquake: New reality show explores gender-fluidity

New Channel 4 show Genderquake revealed

Channel 4 has commissioned a new TV show special called Genderquake, exploring gender-fluidity in the UK.

The two-part reality series will shine a light on the subject by bringing together people from across the gender spectrum, the channel says.

Over the past five years gender-fluidity has exploded into public consciousness and Genderquake (working title) will explore why this is happening and what it means for the future.

Are the new gender identities being adopted by a new generation of millennials or has sex and gender always been far more fluid than we thought?

To get to the heart of the topic, eleven young Brits will live together under one roof for a week, with participants from the LGBTQ community embodying modern definitions of gender and others representing more traditional identities – all with strong opinions on the subject.

During their stay they will take part in activities that will help them explore their differing views, but will anyone’s opinions and viewpoints be swayed along the way with preconceptions changed by the end of their stay?

In the first episode, introductions quickly lead to arguments on the first night and over the following days, as the housemates begin to make new alliances over visits to a country pub and nearby Brighton beach.

Non-binary Saffron confesses her deepest anxieties to straight guy Tom. Transgender woman Brooke finds the confidence to brave the hot tub.

And a romance develops between lesbian Howie and transgender woman Cambell. But not all of the housemates have chosen to reveal certain key details of their past, and after a night on the town an explosive secret is revealed.

Genderquake airs on Channel on Monday, May 7 and Tuesday May 8 at 9PM.

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