The celebrities you forgot were on Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother's famous faces

Celebrity Big Brother has been a staple of British television, offering viewers a unique glimpse into the lives of celebrities cohabiting in a house, isolated from the outside world.

Over the years, the show has hosted a wide array of celebrities, from actors and singers to reality TV stars and sports personalities.

While some participants have used the show as a platform to rejuvenate their careers, others have become memorable for their controversial or entertaining antics.

However, amidst the myriad of stars that have graced the Big Brother house, there are a few celebrities whose appearances have slipped under the radar of public memory.

Here’s a look back at some of the celebrities you might have forgotten were on Celebrity Big Brother.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins on Celebrity Big Brother

Sue Perkins, best known for co-hosting The Great British Bake Off, made her mark in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2002.

She lasted 9 days in the house, finishing the show in fourth place.

Mark Owen

Mark Owen on Celebrity Big Brother

Mark Owen, a member of the popular band Take That, entered the Celebrity Big Brother house alongside Sue in 2002.

His genuine nature and approachability made him a favourite among viewers, and he finished the series as the winner.

Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin on Celebrity Big Brother

Hollywood actor Daniel Baldwin took part in the show in 2015 in a themed Celebrity Big Brother: UK vs USA series.
Despite being one of the most high profile signings, Baldwin was the first housemate to be evicted after lasting just over a week in the house.


Coolio on Celebrity Big Brother

The Grammy-winning rapper Coolio, famous for his hit Gangsta’s Paradise, was a contestant in 2009. His time in the house was notable for his humorous personality and occasional clashes with other celebrities.

He finished the show in third place after 22 days.

La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson and Verne Troyer on Celebrity Big Brother

La Toya Jackson, a member of the renowned Jackson family, took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2009. Her presence in the house was a fascinating insight for many fans, offering a glimpse into the life of one of the most famous families in music history.

La Toya was evicted after 20 days.

Verne Troyer

The late Verne Troyer, best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers series, was also a contestant in 2009.

He made the final where he finished in fourth place.

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson on Celebrity Big Brother

Another member of the Jackson family, Jermaine Jackson, participated in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007.

His calm and philosophical approach to life in the house, coupled with his musical talent, left a lasting impression on both housemates and viewers. Jermaine was ultimately runner up on the series.

Ian “H” Watkins

Ian H Watkins on Celebrity Big Brother

Steps star H also featured in the 2007 series, finishing fourth place in the final after 26 days in the house.

Both he and Jermaine’s time in the show was overshadowed by the return of the late Jade Goody and subsequent controversy with eventual series winner Shilpa Shetty.

Mutya Buena

Mutya Buena on Celebrity Big Brother

Mutya Buena, a singer and founding member of the Sugababes, entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2009.

The singer lasted 15 days in the house before walking from the show after avoiding eviction. She declared at the time: “If they want to fight me they can. I’m not unpacking my suitcase and that’s it. I’m going” before heading out the back door.

Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan on Celebrity Big Brother

The late Leslie Jordan, an actor beloved for his roles in Will & Grace and American Horror Story, graced the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2014. His wit, storytelling ability, and kindness made him a favourite among housemates and viewers alike.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid on Celebrity Big Brother

American actress Tara Reid, known for her roles in American Pie and Sharknado, appeared on the show in 2011. Despite her Hollywood credentials, Tara’s time in the house was relatively low-key, and she was evicted early on.

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