Sky High Club: BBC Three heads to the skies in new series

Sky High Club start date and watch online

BBC Three is heading to the skies for a brand new fly on the wall series.

Sky High Club, the show from local production company Mentorn Scotland will go behind the scenes of Scottish airline Loganair.

A teaser says that the show “will take the audience on a journey across Scotland and beyond with the access-all-areas observational series looking under the wings and inside the lives of those working for a busy airline.”

The BBC add: “It follows the young staff and crew of Loganair as they lift the lid on what a career high in the clouds is all about. It’s an aspirational series that will show that there is more to the job than just flying passengers from A to B.

The new series begins on TV on BBC Three from Thursday, 18 August at 8PM.

Alternatively, all episodes of the ten part show will be available to watch online on BBC iPlayer from 15 August.

A synopsis of the opening episode reveals: “Robbie is the youngest pilot to become a captain in the UK. Now 25, he has the dream job, and the dream girl but there is one small problem, he lives in Edinburgh and she lives on the remote island of Shetland.

“Luckily for him, good pals Shannon and Karolina are on hand to organise a team day out, and some solid advice on long distance relationships.

“Omar has moved from Spain to start a new in life in Scotland. He is training to become a cabin crew. Having packed up his whole life to move here, the pressure is on to pass the airlines gruelling fire and safety exams or risk moving home again.”

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