First Dates (Series 21, Episode 4)

The new cast of First Dates pose with Fred Sirieix

In this episode, 61-year-old finance professional Sandra reveals her surprising dual life. By day, she deals with numbers, but by night, she’s a fervent house music fan, looking for someone who shares her youthful spirit and enthusiasm for the dance floor.

She meets 59-year-old Lance, a part-time DJ who shares Sandra’s penchant for nightlife. The atmosphere heats up until Sandra discloses her unusual hobby of crafting candles shaped like intimate body parts, leaving Lance to wonder if he fits her criteria.

Meanwhile, Isaac, a 30-year-old competitive Pokémon enthusiast, finds it challenging to meet women who understand his interests. His date is 25-year-old Molly, a comic book aficionado searching for a ‘nerdy guy’. Isaac’s nerves, however, lead to some awkward moments during their first encounter.

Lastly, Holly, a dog walker, seeks a human companion. She meets Joe, a 25-year-old science graduate struggling to find romantic connections. Their shared interest in pub quizzes creates an initial bond, but Joe’s attempt at playful flirting doesn’t quite hit the mark.

First Dates airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 30 January 2024 at 10:00PM.

The episode is the fourth from the show’s twenty-first series.

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