Eurovision 2022 songs: Stream and download to all of this year’s tracks

Eurovision Song Contestant - download songs and album 2022

Here are the Eurovision 2022 songs and links to download and stream all of the tracks.

Two live semi-finals this week decided the contestants in the final alongside the ‘Big Five’ automatic qualifiers – the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Now we have the full line up of contestants and songs are for Saturday’s Eurovision 2022 song contest final in Turin.

You can find the list of songs below or purchase the full album with all tracks on CD, Vinyl and cassette online here!

Eurovision 2022 songs download

The running order of countries plus their contestants and songs in the final are…

United Kingdom – Sam Ryder, “Space Man” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Italy – Mahmood and Blanco, “Brividi” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

France – Alvan and Ahez, “Fulenn” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=””]

Germany – Malik Harris, “Rockstars” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Spain – Chanel, “SloMo” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=””]

Czech Republic – We Are Domi, “Lights Off” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Romania – WRS, “Llámame” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Portugal – Maro, “Saudade, saudade” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Finland – The Rasmus, “Jezebel” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=””]

Switzerland – Marius Bear, “Boys Do Cry” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=””]

Norway – Subwoolfer, “Give That Wolf a Banana” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Armenia – Rosa Linn, “Snap” [song amz=”″ spotify=”” itunes=””]

Netherlands – S10, “De diepte” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Ukraine – Kalush Orchestra, “Stefania” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=””]

Lithuania – Monika Liu, “Sentimentai” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Azerbaijan – Nadir Rustamli, “Fade to Black” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Belgium – Jérémie Makiese, “Miss You” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Greece – Amanda Tenfjord, “Die Together” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Iceland – Systur, “Með hækkandi sól” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=””]

Moldova – Zdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers, “Trenulețul” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Sweden – Cornelia Jakobs, “Hold Me Closer” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Australia – Sheldon Riley, “Not the Same” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Poland – Ochman, “River” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Serbia – Konstrakta, “In corpore sano” [song amz=”″ itunes=”” spotify=”″]

Estonia – Stefan, “Hope” [song amz=”” itunes=”” spotify=””]

The UK Eurovision entry 2022 is singer Sam Ryder .

He will perform his song Space Man, co-written with Grammy-winning songwriter Amy Wadge and Max Wolfgang in Turin tonight.

Eurovision 2022 airs 8PM on Saturday night on BBC One.

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