Escape: Start time, contestants and spoilers from Channel 4’s new show


Escape is a brand new TV show back on Channel 4 tonight – but what’s it all about?

From the start time and contestants to behind the scenes gossip, here’s all you need to know…

When does Escape air on Channel 4?

Escape continues tonight Sunday 05th October at 7pm on Channel 4.

A total of five episodes have been commissioned each running for an hour.

As well as watching on TV, you can tune in online live or on catch up thanks to All4.

Channel 4’s Escape © Vance Jacobs 2017

Escape: What’s it all about?

Could you rescue yourself after a plane crash in a remote area of the world? Escape plans to find out.

The series will follow a small group of skilled engineers stranded at a crash site in a hostile environment, away from civilisation.

In each episode, a new team of engineers will find themselves in new simulated crash in a different harsh, dangerous terrain, from desert to jungle, to water to glacier.

Led by Ant Middleton (SAS: Who Dares Wins, Mutiny), the teams must make sure they can escape to safety using only their unique skills and the wreckage around them – all while battling time and the unforgiving environment.

It’s a bit like Bear Grylls meets Scrapheap Challenge…

Escape spoilers

In the last episode of the series, a team of expert engineers are abandoned in Arctic conditions in a simulated crash site, with the leftovers of a light aircraft and two snow mobiles.

Channel 4’s escape © Vance Jacobs 2017

Their only chance of escape is to create a vehicle from the wreckage. Ex-Special Forces soldier and survival expert Ant Middleton oversees the team of three men and two women, who each bring a specific skill to the team – from aircraft mechanics to vehicle engineering.

But as the freezing conditions close in, debilitating the group, the engineers are unable to agree on what to construct, and increasingly escape looks unlikely.

Escape airs tonight, Sunday 05 November at 7pm on Channel 4.