The Canary Islands with Jane McDonald (Fuerteventura)

Canary Islands with Jane McDonald in Fuerteventura

Jane’s journey begins at a hotel located on Fuerteventura’s eastern coastline. Her adventure swiftly moves to the sea with a boat excursion aimed at exploring Lobos, a nearby uninhabited isle.

During her wait for the boat, she encounters Amelia and Sarah, two local residents, who graciously offer to be her guides on the island. Their exploration includes a refreshing swim, during which they spot grey mullet, and a delightful lunch at a local paella stand.

The episode also features Jane’s visit to a unique animal sanctuary that doubles as a horse meditation centre. Here, she immerses herself in the practice of silent connection with horses, experiencing their response to her tranquil presence.

Later, Jane joins Simon, a local guide, and a group of tourists for a journey that includes a visit to an aloe vera plantation. They observe the cultivation process and learn about the plant’s healing benefits.

Canary Islands with Jane McDonald S1 EP3 - Fuerteventura

The tour continues to the towering Morro Velosa statues in Betancuria National Park and concludes at the renowned sand dunes near Corralejo, where Simon shares insights about the dunes’ millennia-long formation.

An unexpected twist occurs when Jane attends a yoga retreat, only to find out it’s a naturist session. She engages in conversations with the participants and enjoys a swim with Carrie, the retreat’s owner.

To cap off her Fuerteventura experience, Jane tastes the island’s celebrated Majorero goat cheese and has a delightful encounter with the goats themselves.

The Canary Islands with Jane McDonald (Fuerteventura) airs on Channel 5 on Friday, 19 January 2024 at 9:00PM.