Call The Midwife recap (Series 13, Episode 2)

Nurses pictured riding bicycles

Call The Midwife continued tonight with the second episode of its brand new season.

At the Tuesday clinic, Shelagh and Joyce had overseen the care of Edna Bristow, a heavily pregnant mother of one, whose husband had left her just days before their baby was due. Edna had proven to be quite a difficult patient, but there were greater challenges ahead when it became clear that her flat was riddled with damp.

Meanwhile, at The Shining Tabernacle church, Mrs Wallace had believed there was an urgent need for a church building due to the growing congregation. She had also been concerned about worshippers who had stopped attending and asked Cyril to check in on them. As Cyril connected with the Bristow family, he felt at a loss when he was unable to help and began to question his career path.

Nancy and Dr Turner were involved in a worrying medical case with a young Sylheti woman, Sahira Khan. She had been suffering with unexplained symptoms that seemed to ebb and flow, but had recently started to worsen. As Dr Turner investigated the cause, Nancy offered support to Sahira and her husband, Ayub. Meanwhile, Nancy had decided to attend an RCN Raise the Roof campaign meeting against the wishes of some of her peers.

Trixie had been struggling with the long bus commute to Poplar each day and had decided it was time she learnt how to drive. Matthew offered to teach her but soon regretted his decision. Meanwhile, Collette struggled in a sponsored poetry recital as she strived to memorise a long TS Eliot poem.

Call The Midwife airs on BBC One on Sunday nights at 8:00PM.