Around the World in 80 Weighs

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This new series will follow Brits who want to lose weight as they travel the world to better understand the relationship between food, culture and body size, and in the process see if they can lose weight along the way.

Six Britons, each grappling with obesity, embark on an enlightening global journey to understand obesity’s varied causes worldwide. They begin in Japan, a nation with remarkably low obesity rates, credited to intense government regulation and societal pressures.

Here, local hosts guide them through Japan’s dietary customs and exercise traditions, while also shedding light on the country’s obesity challenges. The series blends humour with emotional depth as the travellers confront personal struggles and fears, forging deep bonds in the process.

They delve into the stark realities of obesity’s health implications and undergo regular weigh-ins to track their weight loss progress.

In this premiere episode, the group is immersed in Japan’s unique approach to combating obesity, including mandatory waistline monitoring by employers and weight-shaming fitness apps.

Russell, reflecting on his father’s diabetes-related death, is determined to embrace every challenge, including a traditional Sento bath. As the team fully embraces the Japanese diet, the question lingers: will their first week’s efforts reflect on the scales?

Around the World in 80 Weighs airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday, 16 January 2024 at 9:00PM.