The Durrells is back! Series 3 cast, start time and spoilers

The Durrells concludes tonight on ITV and from the start time to the cast, here’s all you need to know.


It’s the third series of the hit ITV show with eight brand new hour-long episodes finishing tonight at 8PM on the channel.

The Durrells cast

Fans of the first series will no doubt be happy to learn that Keeley Hawes reprises her lead role as Louisa Durrell for series three.

Also reprising their roles in the upcoming series are Alexis Georgoulis (Marionetes) as Spiro, Anna Savva (Tyrant) as Lugaretzia, Yorgos Karamihos (Ben- Hur) as Theodore, Lucy Black (Call The Midwife) as Florence, Ulric Von Der Esch (Crossing Lines) as Sven, James Cosmo (SS-GB) as Creech and Leslie Caron (Chocolat) as the Countess Mavrodaki.

New faces to join the cast for the series include Miles Jupp (Howard’s End), Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Indian Summers) and newcomer Elli Triggou.

In the new series, Louisa has made the decision to give up searching for love, choosing instead to focus on her family.

However, with Larry struggling to write his third novel, Margo in search of a new vocation, Gerry continuing to grow his menagerie and Leslie juggling three different girls, Louisa has her work cut out.


With an imminent arrival from her Aunt (Barbara Flynn), Louisa hopes that Hermione will be able to help set her children back on the straight and narrow.

The Durrells spoilers

In tonight’s final episode, wanting to avoid his depressingly empty house, Spiros spends most of his time at the Durrells’ home. Louisa is not complaining, she just wants him to be happy and the two become closer.

In the town, Larry meets Elena, a beautiful, exotic young woman who, along with her friend, the bearded woman, happen to be part of the travelling circus. Elena reveals she is a contortionist and after performing some of her moves, Larry falls quickly in love.

Keen to get involved, Louisa and Spiros help the circus drum up business whilst Margo starts to rehearse a very risky act and Gerry makes sure the animals are being treated well.


With the magic of the circus rubbing off on the whole family, will it work its charm on Louisa and Spiros?

The Durrells airs at 8PM tonight on ITV.

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