Dumped Love Island cast members speak out

Joe and Joanna leave Love Island
Joe and Joanna

It was a double dumping on Love Island on Friday night as one couple got the boot.

Joseph Garratt and Joanna Chimonides were sent packing by their fellow Islanders

Joseph expressed a philosophical take on his exit from the villa. “I was there for a short period of time but I guess it just happened to be my time,” he remarked.

His unexpected romantic connection with Arabella was a key highlight.

Chris and Arabella
Chris and Arabella

He said: “It was unexpected getting to know Arabella on more of a romantic level. Previously, Arabella and I have always been more like friends. She’s a beautiful girl. It was a nice surprise that she was interested in me and to dive into the possibility that we could be more than just friends.”

Regarding the potential winners, Joseph identified two strong couples, Tom and Molly, and Anton and Georgia H., as likely to go all the way.

He added: “A few of the new couples could have their heads turned. Casey and Eve and Callum and Jess. When couples are so new I think it’s always good to be open and explore different connections.”

Meanwhile Joanna described her departure as “bittersweet,” highlighting unfinished potential with Chris and Callum. “It’s bittersweet, I was getting to know Chris and Callum but things have now been left up in the air and open ended,” she stated.

Joanna added: “There was definitely room for progression and you never know where it could have ended up.

Maya talks to Joe and Joanna
Maya talks to Joe and Joanna

“They are both great guys, so wherever my path would have led me I would have been happy.”

Her relationship with Chris stood out as particularly meaningful. “My experience with Chris was beautiful. We really got along and got to know each other on a different level,” Joanna shared, “It’s a shame how it’s ended now as I think we might have reconciled and come back together. Chris is so caring and protective of me, he’s lovely. ”

Joanna believed Molly and Tom had the strongest connection, praising their natural compatibility and balance. She speculated that Casey might be most likely to have his head turned due to his new and untested relationship with Eve.

Following the double exit, Adam Maxted became the latest bombshell arrival in the villa.

Love Island All Stars continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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