Doctor Who cast for The Giggle special episode 2023

Here’s a full list of who’s on the cast of the third and final Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special The Giggle.

In a surprising turn during the BBC’s 100th-anniversary celebration of Doctor Who last year Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor underwent a dramatic regeneration.

David Tennant was revealed as the new Fourteenth Doctor, marking his much-anticipated return to the series. Catherine Tate reprises her role as Donna Noble, with three new episodes.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Doctor Who

In the thrilling third episode, the haunting laughter of an enigmatic puppet begins to drive humanity to madness. The Doctor soon uncovers the chilling return of the fearsome Toymaker, confronting a battle that seems impossible to triumph over.

Doctor Who cast – The Giggle

Here’s a full list of who’s on the cast of Doctor Who special The Giggle

  • David Tennant plays The Doctor
  • Catherine Tate plays Donna Noble
  • Ncuti Gatwa plays The Doctor
  • Charlie de Melo plays Charles Banerjee
  • Neil Patrick Harris plays The Toymaker
  • John Mackay plays John Logie Baird
  • Bernard Cribbins plays Wilfred Mott
  • Ruth Madeley plays Shirley Anne-Bingham
  • Yasmin Finney plays Rose Noble
  • Jacqueline King plays Sylvia Noble
  • Indira Varma plays The Duchess
  • Alexander Devrient plays Colonel Ibrahim
  • Tim Hudson plays Edward Lawn Bridges
  • Nicholas Briggs plays the voice of the Vlinx
  • Lachele Carl plays Trinity Wells
  • Leigh Lothian plays the voice of Stooky Sue
  • Karl Collins plays Shaun Temple
  • Bonnie Langford plays Melanie Bush
  • Jemma Redgrave plays Kate Stewart

Watch Doctor Who on TV and online

The third Doctor Who special airs on Saturday, 9 December on BBC One at 6:30PM

Fans in the UK also watch online on BBC iPlayer. For viewers outside the UK, the specials will be available to watch online on Disney+.

In the first of the specials, The Doctor was caught in a fight to the death when a spaceship crash-landed in London. As the battle wreaked havoc, destiny headed towards the Doctor’s old friend, Donna.

While last week, The Tardis took the Doctor and Donna to the furthest edge of adventure. To escape, they had to face the most desperate fight of their lives, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance.

This year introduces a fresh addition to the franchise with the new spin-off Doctor Who: Unleashed scheduled to broadcast on Saturday nights at 7:30PM following the primary episodes.

Doctor Who will make its comeback on Christmas Day on BBC One, featuring Ncuti Gatwa as he embarks on his first journey in the iconic role of the Fifteenth Doctor. He will be accompanied by Millie Gibson, making her debut as his latest companion, Ruby Sunday.