Death in Paradise cast and episodes from series 13

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Death in Paradise Series 13 airs Sundays at 9PM on BBC One from 4 February, starring Ralf Little and Don Warrington, and featuring a host of guest stars in more complex murder investigations.

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When is Death in Paradise on TV?

Series 13 of Death In Paradise currently airs weekly on Sunday nights at 9PM on BBC One. The series has eight episodes.

Episodes will also be available to stream on BBC iPlayer, released every Sunday night.

Meet the cast and guest stars

Returning to the regular cast this series are:

  • Ralf Little plays DI Neville Parker
  • Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Shantol Jackson plays DS Naomi Thomas
  • Tahj Miles plays Officer Marlon Pryce
  • Ginny Holder plays Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis
  • Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey

Meanwhile a whole host of guest stars will appear throughout the series. In Episode 1 – the show’s landmark 100th episode – Sean Maguire (The 100) becomes the first guest to reprise their role since appearing in the first ever episode in 2011.

He’s joined by Leon Herbert (Outlander), Cathy Tyson (Boiling Point) and Mensah Bediako (Andor).

Death in Paradise cast pose under a '100' sign

Also appearing throughout the series are Academy Award winner Hayley Mills (Unforgotten), Ellie Haddington (Motherland), Kate Robbins (Unforgotten), Pearce Quigley (Detectorists), Ronni Ancona (Last Tango in Halifax), Richard Fleeshman (The Ark), Juliet Cowan (The Power), Shvorne Marks (The Walk-In), Michael Fenton Stevens (Hapless), Ben Wiggins (You) and Guy Henry (Holby City).

They’re joined by Kevin Garry (Ted Lasso), Taj Atwal (Hullraisers), Emma Naomi (Bridgerton), Gabrielle Glaister (Coronation Street), Elise Chappell (Poldark), Ali Ariaie (The Great), Eve Posonby (Carnival Row), Emma Sidi (Starstruck), Calvin Demba (The Rig), Rachel Adedeji (Hollyoaks), Richard Lintern (Nolly) and more.

Plus, there the return of Selwyn’s daughter Andrina, played by Genesis Lynea (Champion).

Death In Paradise Series 13 episodes

Episode 1 – 4 February

During Commissioner Selwyn Patterson’s 50th police service anniversary at the Yacht Club, he is shockingly shot, leading to a complex investigation. Despite initial appearances, the shooter has no link to Selwyn, puzzling the team. As they delve into the Yacht Club’s secrets, suspicions arise around Selwyn’s friends and Marlon Collins, a former yacht thief now managing the club. The case takes a twist when Neville unravels the truth, revealing that the situation is far from what it seemed, highlighting a web of deception and hidden motives.

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in a car

Episode 2 – 11 February

After Commissioner Selwyn Patterson’s shocking shooting, he grapples with his demons, supported by his team, who wonder if he can overcome and move on. Meanwhile, a murder at a care home during a bingo game shocks the local community, raising questions about the motive. Could a game of bingo lead to murder? As Neville and the team dig deeper, they uncover a complex web of secrets, realizing the case is far more intricate than initially thought, filled with jaw-dropping twists and turns.


Episode 3 – 18 February

During a hotel’s grand opening, a renowned chef dies from poisoning under mysterious circumstances, as all contestants in a head chef competition had eaten the same food without ill effects. As the investigation unfolds, Catherine’s involvement deepens when an old friend becomes a suspect. Neville and his team uncover layers of secrets, revealing that the case is far from straightforward.


Episode 4 – 25 February

After an island-wide blackout in HonorĂ© leads the team to an electrocuted body at a substation, Neville’s investigation into the victim’s computer repair shop uncovers a secret crypto mining operation, revealing the so-called accident as a potentially lucrative murder mystery with all suspects having alibis.


Episode 5 – 3 March

Marlon gets a desperate call from his ex-boss, leading him back to his criminal roots. Rushing to help, he finds him shot dead, with a parrot as the sole witness. Despite his boss’s shady past, Marlon is set on solving the murder. The investigation hits a deadlock with two suspects: one with opportunity but no motive, and the other with a motive but an unbreakable alibi.


Episode 6 – 10 March

The team investigates the baffling murder of a terminally ill tourist stabbed in a hotel lift, uncovering family secrets and an enigmatic observer, as an unwelcome old acquaintance returns to St Marie.


Episode 7 – 17 March

The team, divided between Saint Marie and the enchanting island of Saint Auguste to probe the enigmatic demise of a British tourist, initially deemed an accident, uncover shocking links between the victim and hotel guests, realising the case’s complexity, while DI Neville Parker stands on the brink of a significant life change and a familiar face reappears.


Episode 8 – 24 March

It’s the team’s most confounding puzzle yet when a passenger disappears from a flight to Dominica, only to be found back in Saint Marie –murdered.

Catch Death In Paradise on Sunday nights at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.