Danny Dyer explores modern masculinity in a new Channel 4 series

Danny Dyer

In a fresh and compelling two-part series on Channel 4, Danny Dyer: How to Be a Man, actor and presenter Danny Dyer embarks on a journey across the UK to delve into the complex and often contentious issue of modern masculinity.


As traditional gender roles increasingly become a relic of the past, Danny investigates the crises of identity and purpose facing men in the 21st century.

This timely series aims to shed light on the concept of toxic masculinity and why a growing number of young men find themselves battling with mental health issues and navigating complex relationships with women.

The series kicks off with Danny exploring whether toxic masculinity is on the rise and seeks to understand the root causes behind it. He joins forces with his brother Tony, described as the “least toxic bloke I know,” to navigate these turbulent waters.

Danny Dyer group photo with stay at home dads
L-R: Peter, Adam, Danny, Kyle, Noah; stay at home Dads with their kids at The Dunes in Newcastle

The journey brings Danny face to face with controversial figures, such as influencer Ed Matthews, and leads him to discussions with teenage boys in a London school, Mansfield MP Ben Bradley, an advocate for men’s issues, and male victims of domestic violence.

A visit to Brighton offers a different perspective as he meets members of the Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, confronting the issue of overcoming prejudice. Through these encounters, Danny probes the question of whether masculinity is a trait to be denigrated or defended.

The second episode takes a forward-looking approach, examining potential futures for men in society. Danny’s exploration takes him to Newcastle to meet with stay-at-home dads, to Brighton to consult a sex therapist, and on a unique shopping trip with young DJ Woody Cook.


Engaging with psychologists at Sunderland University, Danny seeks insights into the male mental health crisis and witnesses alternative therapy methods aimed at men. The series culminates in an emotionally charged visit to a Jungian male retreat, where Danny and others contemplate how masculinity can evolve positively, focusing on transformation rather than rejection.

Danny Dyer: How to Be a Man is set to premiere on Tuesday, 16 April at 10 PM on Channel 4, with both episodes available for streaming immediately after the broadcast. Episode two follows on TV on Wednesday, 17 April.

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