Coronation Street explains Joseph’s illness in new storyline

Gemma and Chesney Brown with Joseph

Coronation Street has announced a new storyline which will reveal what’s wrong with Joseph.

In upcoming episodes, characters Gemma and Chesney Brown face a heart-wrenching ordeal as their son Joseph is diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

After enduring weeks of anxiety and confusion, marked by frequent visits to the doctor and a distressing episode with social services suspecting Gemma of poisoning Joseph, the family’s nightmare escalates when Joseph collapses at home.

The ensuing rush to the hospital brings a startling revelation from the medical team: Joseph has contracted Lyme Disease, likely from a tick bite during a camping trip.

This diagnosis brings a mix of emotions for the Browns. While the initial shock is overwhelming, there is a collective sigh of relief as they learn that Lyme Disease, although serious, is treatable, and Joseph is expected to make a full recovery.

Gemma and Chesney Brown with Joseph in the hospital

This storyline is a result of Coronation Street’s collaboration with Lyme Disease UK, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness and providing accurate information about this often misunderstood illness. The soap’s scriptwriters have consulted closely with the charity, ensuring a portrayal that is both realistic and informative.

Julia Knight, a retired Specialist Practitioner Paediatric Nurse and a volunteer for Lyme Disease UK, said: “It has been my great pleasure to work with the Coronation Street script writers to give them advice and pointers so that they could produce a storyline that is both realistic and engaging.

“Lyme disease can easily be overlooked if a person only shows viral-type symptoms initially, as in the storyline. Raising awareness of the disease and giving people the information about how to prevent it is essential. With knowledge, bites can be prevented, and awareness of possible symptoms means that people who do contract the disease can seek medical advice promptly.”

Coronation Street airs on ITV1 and ITVX.