Chyna Ellis reveals the truth about Ibiza Weekender


Chyna Ellis has spilled all about working on Ibiza Weekender.

The former Love Island star appeared on the latest series of the ITV2 reality show, which concluded on Sunday.

And after her season in the sun, Chyna has revealed just what goes on behind the scenes.

Chyna explained it wasn’t an “easy job” as many think, saying that she was ‘worked hard’.

“You get s**t food – you get chips and a burger every day and don’t get to go to the gym. I have a healthy lifestyle,” Chyna told The Sun newspaper.

ibiza cast 2018 cast
ibiza cast 2018 cast

She explained: “You don’t get to go to the gym. You’d get home at five and you won’t get to sleep until six because you’d have to get the guests to sleep before you and then you’d have to get up at about nine o’clock. They work you like a dog on that show.

“It’s not just a holiday and it really p****s me off because people say, ‘oh they’re pretending, they get days off’ stuff like that. But we really don’t.”

Chyna went on: “And you’re constantly having to be asked to work and you get told off. If you’re not in your position legit the producers will be like, ‘get in your position now’. And you get told off. It’s ridiculous. You really do get treated like you’re actually at work.”

Chyna admitted she found taking part in the series a “struggle”, adding: “Some girls can do this for three months but that’s not me.

“I need some gym, some vegetables down me.”

At the end of the season on Sunday, Chyna was left being forced to decide if she wanted to head off into the sunset with boyfriend Jordan Davies or stay and rep.

In the final meeting, it was revealed that Chyna had chose love over her job as she and Jordan disappeared into the sunset.

Ibiza Rep Jordan
Ibiza Rep Jordan

David and Callum – el jefe and assistant el jefe – were left to pick up the pieces of the team as they readied themselves for the next adventures.

Ibiza Weekender airs on ITV2.

You can catch up online via the ITV Hub here.

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