Charlotte Crosby to enter The Celebrity Circle as Peter Andre

Charlotte Crosby will enter The Celebrity Circle as Peter Andre, it’s been revealed.

The Circle returns 9 March on Channel 4 with its first ever Celebrity run as a host of celebrities compete in support of Stand Up To Cancer.

In The Circle contestants live in individual apartments. They only ever interact with one another via a special social media platform.

With the ability to hide their true identity the the ultimate goal is to named the most popular by the other competitors in The Circle.

Some celebs may play as they are in real life but others decide to take on a new identity in order to deceive their rivals.

One of those catfishing will be reality star Charlotte Crosby who will appear as Peter Andre.

She said: “I’ve met Peter Andre a couple of times. I mean, we’re not friends, but who doesn’t like Peter Andre? He won Dad of the Year about 75 years in a row. How can you not like Dad of the Year? I’m here and I need to pick someone who everyone likes.

“No one, when they see Peter Andre is in there, is going to be like, ‘Oh. Peter Andre.’ Everyone’s going to be like, ‘Oh my God, Peter Andre!’ He’s loved by so many people. He’s such a nice guy. So I’m onto a winner already.”

Charlotte added: “This is my main worry. What if someone’s like, ‘Oh Pete, remember when we were at such and such?’ What am I going to say? Like what can I say? ‘I can’t remember. I must have too much to drink that night.’ But I don’t think he’s a big drinker. I need to think of a plan.”

More of those taking part are Reality stars Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks, Actress, singer and dancer Denise van Outen, Radio DJs Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom, Rapper Lady Leshurr, Blue singer Duncan James, Loose Women stars Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams, YouTuber Saffron Barker and Drag Race UK star Baga Chipz

Ahead of the launch it was also revealed that Nadia Sawalha and Kaye Adams will catfish as Gemma Collins on the show while Baga Chipz plans to catfish as Kim Woodburn.

Meanwhile Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks will pose as Rachel Riley as they enter the show.

Rapper and singer Lady Leshurr will be playing as Big Narstie and Radio DJs Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom will be playing as

The series was filmed last year under the guidelines in place at the time.

The Celebrity Circle starts on Tuesday, March 9 with host Emma Willis and voice-over Sophie Willan.

Airing for six episodes, the Celebrity series will be followed by the main series with members of the public straight after.

You can watch online via All 4.