Channel 4 renews Millionaire Hoarders for a second series

Millionaire Hoarders

Channel 4 is bringing back Millionaire Hoarders for a second series.

Produced by Purple Productions from Manchester, the new eight-part series will feature experts in antiques, collectables, interiors, and fashion uncovering the UK’s hidden treasures.

The first three-part series, which aired in August, captivated over 1.1 million viewers, showcasing the discovery of a rare painting potentially worth more than a million pounds.

Expect to see unique owners and extraordinary homes of all shapes and sizes filled with potential valuables.

Millionaire Hoarders will not only highlight the curated or obsessively collected items but also reveal the fascinating stories behind them.

The professional fortune finders will delve into the social history of these objects while assessing their potential worth.

Their goal? To unlock life-changing sums of money from treasures gathering dust in attics and spare rooms.

In times when every penny counts, could these hidden heirlooms provide much-needed cash injections?

The experts will assist passionate collectors in freeing up money and securing the best price possible for their clients.

Using their vast knowledge, expertise, and extensive contacts, they will research, restore, and sell items on behalf of their clients.

But the big question remains: will they be able to unlock the agreed amount?

Simon Lee, Commissioning Executive for Channel 4 Documentaries and Factual Entertainment said: “The first series was an utter delight and offered up a unique insight into the fascinating world of antiques, collectables and other such hidden valuables.

“I’m delighted its returning and look forward to having a sneak peek into these extraordinary homes and their potentially valuable pieces that could transform individual’s lives.”

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