Celebrity replaced on The Wheel after getting too dizzy

Michael McIntyre on set of The Wheel

One celebrity on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel had to leave the show early due to dizziness from the spinning!

Richard Osman, one of the celebs on the BBC One hit, shared that the unnamed star felt too sick to continue.

Former heavyweight boxer and I’m A Celebrity 2023 contestant Tony Bellew stepped in to replace them.

Richard revealed on his podcast that everyone is spun “about thirty times” before the show even starts to get all the necessary shots.

“One of the celebrities had to leave because they got too dizzy and they were ill,” Richard explained.

“They had to be replaced at the last minute by another celebrity. It had happened once before, they told me.”

The anonymous star felt “nauseous” due to the fast-spinning wheel.

Richard added, “It’s not SAS: Are You Tough Enough? but it’s not far off! They were filming two shows in a day, and Tony Bellew turned up early, so he got drafted into our The Wheel.”

Richard also shared some behind-the-scenes secrets, including that the set is real and the contestants rise up from below to join the stars on the wheel.

The show is filmed at Bovingdon Airfield Studios in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, chosen for its height rather than width to accommodate the giant wheel.

Richard continued, “The whole set is 12 feet up in the air. There’s one chair underneath which lifts up the contestants. The contestant wheel is set off to the side but still underneath everything. Everything is pretty much like you see on television, which is absolutely brilliant.”

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