Celebrity Island 2018 line up: One more celebrity leaves the island

Celebrity Island 2018 with Bear Grylls was back tonight as one more celebrity left the show.


The Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls sees a number of celebs dropped on an inhabited island.

Alongside a team of camera crew – who are living in just the same conditions – the celebs arrived lst week with just the clothes they’re wearing and a handful of basic tools in order to survive four weeks.

Another brand new batch of stars headed to The Island in 2018 for series three, once again all in the aid of charity for Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

The starting group included Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actor, Eric Roberts, actor and musician, Martin Kemp, double Olympic gold medal rower, James Cracknell, Olympic boxer, Anthony Ogogo and TOWIE star, Pete Wicks.

Joining them were model and TV personality, Jo Wood, Love Island star Montana Brown, journalist, presenter and transgender activist Paris Lees and TV doctor, Dr Saleyha Ahsan.

Plus, there was actress and radio broadcaster, Roxanne Pallett, but she left after just one episode last Sunday night.


In tonight’s second episode, we rejoined the group fresh from Roxanne’s exit.

Now, the nine remaining celebs were starting to crack under the pressure as they battled huge tropical storms.

A war of words erupts between journalist Paris Lees and Towie star Pete Wicks as they struggled to keep the fire alight. Tensions then continued to get out of control as the group tried to resolve the lack of food, finding themselves just some fruit and an inedible pufferfish.

Olympic rower James Cracknell was unable to contain his irritation that not everyone was pulling their weight in camp. An old brain injury which can affect his ability to communicate sympathetically made matters worse as he attempted to keep his escalating conflict with Paris from boiling over.

As her physical condition continued on a downward spiral, Paris was eventually given an ultimatum by the whole group: either do more work or face serious consequences.

Paris sought out comfort from Montana as she told cameras: “These people are superhumans. I don’t know how they’re doing it.”

The next day, Paris vowed to try to help out as she set out on the hunt for food – but just a minute into walking said she found herself too weak.

“I’ve never been so humiliated,” Paris said, returning to camp.

She then radioed Bear’s team and said: “I’ve pushed myself as far as I can go. It’s not the outcome I wanted but I need to leave The Island. Please get me out of here as soon as you can.


Paris told the rest of the celebs remaining on the island: “I don’t want to drain you and drag you down.”

Celebrity Island 2018 with Bear Grylls airs Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

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