Call The Midwife (Series 13, Episode 4)

Call The Midwife Series 13 Episode 4

In July 1969, Apollo 11’s moon landing is eagerly anticipated. The community gathers to watch the historic event on Nonnatus House’s TV.

Sister Veronica, Sister Julienne, Fred, Violet, Rosalind, Colette, Miss Higgins, Nurse Crane, and Nancy are present. Dr Turner, Shelagh, Angela, May, Teddy, and Timothy have a family viewing. Sister Monica Joan, witnessing a moon landing in her lifetime, is deeply moved by Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.

Fred, meanwhile, feels constrained under Violet’s gaze and longs to return to work.

The student midwives, now three months into their training, face evaluations. Sister Julienne, Shelagh, and Nurse Crane are pleased with the programme and the progress of Rosalind and Joyce, though they recognise areas for improvement in each.

Joyce, under Trixie’s guidance, is paired with Prue Stanton, a spirited local woman, presenting challenges. A serious error by Trixie leads to significant repercussions.

Sister Veronica oversees a BCG vaccination clinic for secondary school students at St Oswald’s Hall. The team races to complete tests before the school term ends.

A Biafran family’s situation raises concerns, prompting Nancy to explore her family history, leading to a sense of closure.

Call The Midwife airs on BBC One on Sunday, 28 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the fourth from the show’s thirteenth series.