Britain’s Got Talent fans point out ‘major error’ in magic duo’s audition

Jay and Joss on Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent’s eagle-eyed viewers were left scratching their heads during Saturday night’s episode.

Jay and Joss, a magic and illusionist couple, performed a wedding-themed routine that left the judges in awe.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli couldn’t believe their eyes as the duo worked their magic.

The performance began with Jay and Joss sharing their love story, including their meeting at the world’s largest magic convention, engagement in 2019, and wedding four years later.

However, they admitted they hadn’t had their honeymoon yet.

Jay & Joss
Jay & Joss

Involving the judges in their act, Jay and Joss asked them to help determine the date, location, and details of their future honeymoon using a balloon.

Simon picked the 7th, Amanda chose August, and Alesha selected 2025.

Bruno shook the balloon, and when it popped, a note inside read 07/08/2025.

Next, Alesha guessed they would spend £7,700.50, Amanda picked hotel room number 127, and Simon chose Nicole Scherzinger as the entertainer. Simon also picked Blackpool as the destination from a series of tags.

The couple claimed these choices were random and unknown before the audition. With a snap of their fingers, they supposedly transported everyone to their future honeymoon.

A video played, showing a newspaper dated Tuesday, August 7, 2025, followed by the exact amount of £7,700.50, the room number 127, and a scene of Blackpool with a bus featuring Nicole Scherzinger.

The judges and audience were stunned, declaring the trick “impossible.”

However, some sharp-eyed viewers seemingly spotted a big mistake.

The newspaper showed Tuesday, August 7, 2025, but the date actually falls on a Thursday.

Fans quickly took to social media to point out the error.

Britain's Got Talent newspaper trick

One person tweeted, “Nah I’m not having that!!! 7th August is on a Thursday next year!! #BGT”

Another wrote, “Hmmm… except 7th August 2025 is a Thursday… not a Tuesday #BGT”

A third added, “Have I missed something or…. 7 August 2025 falls on a Thursday not a Tuesday… #BGT”

Despite the impressive performance, the date blunder left the judges puzzled and Jay and Joss into the next round. We’ll have to wait and see if they make it into the live shows.

Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday nights on ITV1 and ITVX.