Brilliant The Traitors-themed Mother’s Day cards now on sale

The Traitors Mothers Day Cards

If you’re struggling to find the perfect card for Mother’s Day, these ones themed on The Traitors may be just what you need.

Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday, March 10, 2024 and folks over at thortful have the perfect card for every mum out there.

The selection includes these brilliant cards inspired by hit reality show The Traitors, which recently included its latest series.

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They include cards based on this year’s contestants Ross and Diane, a mother and son duo who secretly took part in the show.

And it’s not just Mother’s Day cards, you can also get Traitors themed cards for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and even Christmas.

Diane’s experience on The Traitors featured numerous dramatic events, highlighted by her surprising departure, which involved a staged “burial” following a fictional poisoning, captivating the audience with its unexpected twist.

Additionally, the intrigue in the game was heightened as Diane’s connection with her son Ross was kept secret from the other participants.

You can catch up with The Traitors on BBC iPlayer now.