Brassic returns for 2023 Christmas special this December


Brassic returns to Sky and NOW this Christmas with a one-off festive special.

A Very Brassic Christmas will air this December on Sky Max and NOW.

The Brassic crew, known for their unique approach to Christmas, initially plans a laid-back holiday, focusing on enjoying life to its fullest. However, their plans take an unexpected turn. Dr. Chris reaches out, needing assistance with his aunt who’s facing a crisis.

Simultaneously, a robbery at Tyler’s school threatens to spoil his nativity play. Now, it’s up to Vinnie, Erin, Tommo, Cardi, Carol, Ashely, and JJ to step up and rescue Christmas in true Brassic style.

Their action-packed holiday includes orchestrating a heist in a winter wonderland, a confrontation with an individual named Dick Dolphin, taking care of Dr. Chris’s Aunt, and pulling off the most memorable Nativity play ever.

Adding to the Christmas special, Imelda Staunton stars as Aunt Edie, and Greg Davies brings the character of Dick Dolphin to life.

A release date is to be announced.

It will broadcast on Sky Max and also be available to watch online on NOW.

Meanwhile a sixth series of Brassic will hit screens in 2024.

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