Bobby Lockwood joins Casualty cast as new paramedic Leon

Bobby Lockwood is joining the cast of Casualty as brand new paramedic Leon.

A teaser from the BBC reads: “He’s handsome, charming, loveable… and could possibly get on your nerves. He never walks into a room without you knowing about it – but his ability to read the room is often off the mark.

“Leon cares so much about what others think, and puts 110% effort in with everyone he meets. However, his endless excitement can get in the way of knowing exactly where to stop, and he can sometimes brush his friends and colleagues up the wrong way.”

Bobby Lockwood said: “I have absolutely loved playing Leon and it’s a privilege to be representing paramedics and the NHS at such a critical time. Covid has made our job harder, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for our actual heroes on the front line.”

Loretta Preece, Series Producer of Casualty added: “I am thrilled that Bobby Lockwood is joining our cast as the irrepressible paramedic Leon North. Bobby is adorable and has the most extraordinary comic timing. The Casualty building has been abuzz since Bobby joined us and I am confident that the audience will take Leon to their hearts.

“While Leon often finds himself inadvertently creating comic situations, we also see his character grow through his demanding and emotional work as a paramedic. Leon is a natural with the public, he feels things very deeply and everyone who encounters him seems to be charmed by him…. Except for Connie Beauchamp but that’s another story.”

Casualty airs Saturday nights on BBC One.

You can watch the series online and catch up on episodes via BBC iPlayer.

Picture: BBC

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