Bobby Brazier reveals secret to Strictly Come Dancing success

Bobby Brazier has unveiled the hidden key to his sensational success on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor.

Bobby and pro partner Dianne Buswell made an appearance on Lorraine today, discussing how meditation has been beneficial in their competition preparation.

Host Christine Lampard inquired about the role of meditation in their Strictly journey. Bobby chimed in, saying, “Yeah and for dealing with everything, that’s a massive part of my life – every day, all day. I don’t know what else to say but ‘Guys, meditate!’”

Dianne Buswell & Bobby Brazier
Dianne Buswell & Bobby Brazier

Professional dancer Dianne revealed that she has also taken up meditation and noticed how content Bobby looks while doing it.

She mentioned: “He looks so happy when he’s doing it. He does it a fair bit in rehearsal. It’s like he’s smiling when he’s meditating and it’s lovely to see.”

Bobby explained how he believes meditation aids their dancing, saying, “I reckon it helps us with our dancing. I call breaks – she has a weird relationship with the word ‘break’, but I call it a necessary digestive period. Sitting and being with myself and thinking about the dancing, allowing it to seep into my bones, probably helps.”

When asked if he misses EastEnders, Bobby admitted, “No, to be honest, I don’t miss it! I miss my friends and my people, but I’ve got other focuses now and I’m enjoying that. But I look forward to going back and seeing my people”

Dianne mentioned that her grandmother is a huge EastEnders fan and refers to Bobby as Freddie. “Nanny Noreena, back home in Australia, I’ve never known her to watch TV but she is obsessed with Eastenders and obsessed with Freddie, so she’s beside herself that I’m dancing with Freddie/Bobby. She calls him Freddie.”

Discussing their life in the Strictly camp, Bobby revealed, “We spend so much time together, all day every day together.” He jokingly added, “There are times where I don’t like you, there are times where I love you.”

Christine playfully asked Bobby if Dianne ‘cracks the whip a bit too much,’ to which Bobby replied, “Yeah… I think I’m getting better at working harder. You’re rubbing off on me in certain ways and I’m rubbing off on you in certain ways and I think that’s why last week went so well.”

Bobby Brazier poses in a tan suit in front of a pink glittery background
Bobby Brazier. Credit: BBC/Ray Burmiston

Dianne chimed in, saying, “We’re starting to understand each other a bit more, I even had to ask him for a break last week and he said, ‘No.’ He’s working really, really hard and it shows because it was a beautiful dance. We loved it so much and long may it continue.”

On the show’s Halloween theme for the upcoming Saturday, Dianne teased, “Bobby’s hips are back!” She hinted at a lot of hip action and said, “We saw a lot of hip action in the Samba, and we’re going to see more hips this week.”

Bobby added with a laugh: “They [the hips] did surprisingly well.”

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