Bobby Brazier feels “lost” after Strictly Come Dancing final


Strictly Come Dancing star Bobby Brazier says he feels “lost” after the show’s final last weekend.

EastEnders star Bobby and his father, Jeff Brazier, made a special appearance on today’s episode of Loose Women in their first live interview together since Bobby and dance partner were Diane Buswell runners up on Saturday.

Bobby opened up to hosts Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan, Stacey Solomon and Sophie Morgan about his feelings post-Strictly. “I feel a bit lost. I miss Diane. I’m eating ice cream for breakfast, I’m in no kind of physical place… I don’t know what to do, what do I do?” he shared, reflecting on the transition from the intense routine of the show to everyday life.

Describing his Strictly experience, Bobby said: “Immense joy and deep distress but memories that will last a lifetime. I knew from the very beginning that I didn’t want to miss out on anything, I wanted to experience all of Strictly and I feel like I did.” He candidly admitted: “I didn’t miss out on any of the dances…I didn’t love every second.”

Jeff discussed the impact of Bobby’s performances, especially the dance dedicated to Bobby’s late mother, Jade Goody. “Especially that routine, the one for mum…it’s incredible to see him perform his grief. It’s not always been easy to verbalise so to actually do that is incredible for the family, incredible for anyone watching at home I’m guessing, that’s suffered a loss as well,” Jeff said, acknowledging the emotional depth of the performance.

Bobby Brazier and Diane Buswell in the Strictly final

Bobby, responding to whether dancing was healing, expressed: “I fell in love over the course of the last couple of months, with just telling the story…just the ability to express myself, with Dianne, through the means of a dance is so much fun.”

He added: “When you see it communicate with people and they’re feeling how you’re feeling, whilst you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s amazing. I love it.”

The conversation took a lighter turn with Jeff jokingly asking: “Was it fun when you were thrusting your hips?” to which Bobby humorously responded: “The most fun! We’re going to do a little bit in a minute…”

Bobby also hinted at a future involving dance, saying: “In the final, we did our show dance and it was very ‘showy’. It was very ‘musically’ and yeah, I really enjoyed it.”

Jeff reflected on Bobby’s burgeoning career: “Bobby, from the NTAs forwards, and actually EastEnders and everything he’s done since he’s left school, it’s a really steep ascent he’s made. And in some respects, you’re like, ‘Wow this is brilliant’ but there’s also a part of me that’s like, I just need to make sure… it’s impossible for him to stay on that trajectory I’d say…”

While Jeff did not confirm if he would join a future Strictly series, he did express a desire to be partnered with Johannes Radebe if he ever did, admiring Johannes as “the biggest, most incredible example of a man.”

The interview concluded with an impromptu dance session as Bobby and Jeff showcased a few moves on the Loose Women dance floor.

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