Blind Date want Harrys and Meghans for Royal Wedding special

Channel 5 is working on a Royal Wedding themed Blind Date special.

It follows the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed next year on Saturday 19 May 2018,

With that in mind, Blind Date bosses have put out a call for single people named Harry and Meghan to take part in a special Blind Date episode.

A casting announcement read: “Iconic dating show for Channel 5 is looking for single people called Megan or Harry to be matched for a date.

“It’s going to be the most royal blind date ever. So if you are called Megan or Harry then please get in touch.”

Blind Date Se 2 Xmas Special
Blind Date Xmas Special – Craig is picking from Gemma, Loren and Naomi for a blind date. Here with Paul O’Grady.
Blind Date Se 2 Xmas Special
Blind Date Xmas Special – Gemma is one of the suitors that Craig is picking from. Here with Paul O’Grady.

Blind Date’s Royal special follows a panto themed Christmas episode this month.

Viewers saw Prince Charming looking to be set up on a date with either Cinderella, Tinkerbell or Snow White.

Or rather, we got to watch Craig pick between Gemma, Loren and Naomi for a blind date

Paul O’Grady will be back to host Blind Date in 2018 when it returns to Channel 5 for a full series.

The show first made a comeback to TV earlier this year with a brand new series after more than a decade off air.

Other than a new set, the format remained largely the same as one singleton quizzed three others without seeing them.

At the end, basely solely on the answers, the person in the hot seat has to pick one of the trio to go on a blind date with at a mystery location.

But the updated 2017 run did see some changes, introducing same sex couples.

Host Paul O’Grady said: “It’s 2017 – you’ve got to educate people. It’s no longer boy meets girl.

“It’s boy meets boy, girl meets girl, boy meets whoever, whatever floats your boat.

“You have to acknowledge that. You can’t just have same old, same old. I think it’s really brave of them to make this step, because the others wouldn’t.

“Imagine the BBC? It wouldn’t happen, it just wouldn’t happen.”

Blind Date - Paul O'Grady hosting Blind Date.
Blind Date – Paul O’Grady hosting Blind Date.

The show proved a hit and brought in almost 2 million viewers for its opening episode.

And with no shortage of people looking for love, it’s little surprise to learn that more episodes have been commissioned.

Blind Date will return for a full second series on Channel 5 in the New Year.