Birds Of A Feather cast and spoilers from Christmas special and next series

Birds Of A Feather new series

Birds Of A Feather’s Christmas special airs tonight on ITV – here’s the cast and plans for the next series.

Birds Of A Feather’s Christmas special starts tonight at 9PM on ITV.

It’s Christmas in Chigwell and the Birds are back. Tracey has got big plans that could upset the festive harmony in the house, Sharon has found a novel way of doing her Christmas shopping and Dorien has got a mystery to solve.

What could possibly go wrong?

Birds Of A Feather Cast

Sharon Theodopolopodous – Pauline Quirke
Tracey Stubbs – Linda Robson
Dorien Green – Lesley Joseph

Joining them are Charlie Quirke as Travis Stubbs and Samuel James as Garth Stubbs.

It’s the latest episode of the long running comedy, which last aired Christmas 2016.

In that episode, Sharon, Tracey and Dorien embarked on an adventure to Tangier, Morocco to search for Tracey’s missing son, Travis. Travis had finally been allowed to fly the nest on a gap year…to Spain.

However, nobody had heard from Travis in four days and he was last seen getting on a ferry to Morocco with his girlfriend. Convinced something terrible has happened to him, Tracy was on the next flight and Sharon, not one to pass up on the chance of a holiday, went with her.

And Dorien invited herself along, seeing it as a great opportunity to get material for her saucy new book.

The Christmas specials will lead in to a brand new full series which will air on ITV in 2018.