Ben Fogle heads into the Congo for new Channel 5 series

Channel 5 has green-lit a new documentary series following Ben Fogle into the Congo.

Into The Congo with Ben Fogle, produced by Mentorn Media, will feature intrepid explorer Ben Fogle as he embarks on what promises to be his most exhilarating adventure yet.

The Congo, often referred to as the heart of Africa, boasts both awe-inspiring beauty and formidable danger. With the second-largest rainforest globally, teeming with an astonishing array of 10,000 animal and bird species, the region conceals an intricate web of darkness and peril. The Congo Basin has captured the imagination of daring adventurers worldwide.

Fully immersing himself in the jungle’s embrace, Ben will encounter elusive yet extraordinary animals, share in the lives of ancient tribespeople, and take on challenging journeys through the unforgiving jungle landscape. Through this exploration, Ben aims to unravel the mysteries and truths that lie within this captivating region.

Ben Fogle commented: “The Congo was one of the most memorable expeditions I have ever been on.

“It surprised me, it moved me, and it inspired me. I have wanted to explore the Congo since I was a child, when I first read about the mighty Congo river, so the trip was a lifelong ambition that was more than I could have imagined.”

Federico Ruiz, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 & Paramount+ added: “It was tough finding somewhere new and exciting for Ben to visit with an adventurer CV like his.

“In the Congo you’ve got danger and natural wonder in equal measure and the result is extraordinary. He gives Indiana Jones a run for his money.”

A start date for the series is to be announced in due course.

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