BBC One to air Sarah Everard documentary

Sarah Everard BBC documentary

The BBC has announced new documentary Sarah Everard: The Search For Justice to air on BBC One and iPlayer on 5 March.

The murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard by a serving Metropolitan Police Officer in March 2021 has become a pivotal moment for the UK, spotlighting the urgent issues of violence against women and the deep-seated problems within the police force.

The incident, which occurred as Sarah was walking home, not only shook the nation but also led to the declaration of violence against women and girls as a national priority, on par with terrorism and organised crime.

BBC One’s new documentary explores the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into Sarah’s murder, providing insights into how this tragic event unfolded and its profound impact.

The documentary features interviews with key figures involved in the case, many of whom are speaking publicly for the first time. This includes contributions from the Senior Investigating Officer, the Prosecuting Barrister, and Sarah’s local Member of Parliament.

The narrative that Sarah’s murder was an isolated incident by “one bad apple” has been irrevocably shattered in the wake of her death. The Metropolitan Police was subsequently placed in special measures, following a major review that uncovered a culture of denial, as well as widespread bullying, discrimination, institutional homophobia, misogyny, and racism within the force. The repercussions of these findings have been extensive, prompting police forces throughout the UK to examine and address similar issues within their ranks.

An Independent Inquiry, initiated by the Home Office, is currently in progress to investigate how such a tragedy could occur. The Inquiry aims to uncover the “unimaginable failures in policing” that Sarah’s murder has revealed, according to the then Home Secretary.

Emma Loach, BBC Lead Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, said: “The murder of Sarah Everard sent shock waves across the country and ignited an urgent conversation about police failings and violence against women and girls. This is an important and timely film and we, like Sarah’s family, hope it will contribute to the ongoing dialogue around the issues raised.”

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