BBC announces OceanGate disaster documentary

Titan sub ready to launch
Titan sub ready to launch

The BBC has announced a new documentary delving into the mystery of the ill-fated submersible Titan, which imploded in 2023, claiming five lives.

This 1-hour documentary, provisionally titled OceanGate, will air on BBC Two and iPlayer and takes a deep dive into what exactly went wrong with Titan.

It explores why Stockton Rush, the inventor of Titan, allegedly ignored repeated safety warnings from experts, including his own engineers.

Stockton, who tragically perished in the disaster, had previously completed successful dives to the Titanic.

Did these successes lead to overconfidence?

OceanGate gives viewers unprecedented access to the US Coastguard Marine Board investigation.

The film follows investigators as they return to the wreckage to gather more evidence, conduct scientific tests, and hear from witnesses during an upcoming two-week hearing.

With no definitive answers yet, the Coastguard is examining various theories about Titan’s failure.

The documentary also sheds light on Stockton’s motives by interviewing those who knew him best, offering unique insights into his inspirational qualities, engineering expertise, and background.

It features never-before-seen footage of Titan’s final successful dive to the Titanic and Stockton’s last interview recorded for mainstream TV.

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