Baptiste: How to watch the new series in full online now

Watch and stream Baptiste series 2 in full

Baptiste has made its debut on BBC One – here’s how to watch the full series online right now.

French detective Julien Baptiste, who previously appeared in drama The Missing, is back for a second series of the spin-off following its first outing in 2019.

Baptiste stars Tchéky Karyo in the title role with Fiona Shaw joining the cast for series 2.

Watch Baptiste on TV and online

Baptiste currently airs Sunday nights at 9PM on BBC One. Episodes air weekly on TV.

Alternatively you can watch the full second series online right now via the BBC iPlayer here with all episodes immediately available.

The series has six, hour long episodes.

The first series is also available to watch online on catch up now.

A full synopsis of the second series shares:

Julien Baptiste is not the man we left at the end of series one. After enduring a horrific personal tragedy, Julien has pushed Celia away and is looking for any distraction – whether that be the bottom of a bottle or a new case – to consume him.

When Ambassador Emma Chambers’ whole family disappears in the Hungarian mountains, Julien finds his new case. He immediately travels to the resort where the Chambers were staying and entrenches himself in Emma’s world. Despite no longer being a Detective in any official capacity, Emma realises that Julien’s experience and capacity for understanding human nature will be integral to getting her family back.

When the case turns into a murder and kidnapping, Julien must work closely with the Hungarian police, including Zsofia Arslan, who at first rejects his offers of help but soon comes to see his value.

Julien navigates a police force he cannot trust and obsessional media desperate for more information on such a high profile, international case. British Ambassador to Hungary, Emma tries to wield her influence, but the layers of corruption and secrets prove too complex to unpick. Julien, Zsofia and Emma must work together if Emma is to be reunited with her family.


The full cast of Baptiste features Tchéky Karyo, Fiona Shaw, Adrian Rawlins, Stuart Campbell, Conrad Khan, Ace Bhatti, Dorka Gryllus, Miklós Béres, Michelle Duncan and Anastasia Hille.

Picture: BBC

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