Ambulance (Series 12, Episode 2)

Ambulance Series 12 Episode 2

The North West Ambulance Service embarks on a frenetic day, fielding a 999 call every 16 seconds in the latest episode of Ambulance.

Senior paramedic Aiden is immediately dispatched to aid a patient who has endured a 20-foot fall from a tree, simultaneously, another urgent call comes in for a two-year-old who has experienced a dangerous fall from a balcony.

In Salford, paramedics Aaron and Emily are called to assist a patient dealing with a severe mental health crisis after leaving the hospital. Through diligent investigation, they determine the best course of action is to return the patient for further treatment.

Close by, Jodie and Tom attend to a dire situation where a patient is vomiting blood, requiring immediate transport to Salford Royal for urgent care.

The day continues with an array of challenging calls, including a dramatic birth in a McDonald’s, where a woman unexpectedly goes into labor, leading to a healthy delivery but necessitating swift hospital care for both mother and child.

Shortly afterwards, Jodie and Tom face a category 1 emergency involving a patient with a violent history, complicating their rescue efforts until police assistance allows for safe transport to the hospital.

Senior paramedic Aiden encounters a homeless man with a severe leg wound who, despite the need for hospital treatment, refuses help. Aiden’s attempts to secure alternative care are thwarted by the patient’s situation, highlighting the limitations and emotional toll faced by paramedics.

Meanwhile, a seemingly critical call turns out to be a false alarm when a patient reported as unconscious is merely found sleeping.

As the shift progresses, Aaron and Emily are dispatched to a 92-year-old suspected stroke victim, showcasing the wide range of medical emergencies the service addresses. Upon hospital arrival, they join a queue of ambulances, a testament to the healthcare system’s pressures, yet they manage to maintain their spirits with a simple cup of tea.

Throughout these intense hours, the paramedics’ reflections reveal the profound impact of their work, emphasizing the crucial role they play in offering support and empathy to those in dire need.

This glimpse into the North West Ambulance Service’s day underscores the relentless pace, emotional depth, and unwavering commitment of these healthcare professionals.

Ambulance airs on BBC One on Wednesday, 14 February 2024 at 9:00PM.

The episode is the second from the show’s twelfth series.

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