Amanda Holden spills all on new series of Britain’s Got Talent

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden has given the inside scoop of the new series of Britain’s Got Talent and how she believes it has the “best opening show in 17 years”.


Appearing on Good Morning Britain on Friday, Amanda revealed she has used the golden buzzer more than once this series.

The actress and singer shared: “I think this week we’ve said the rule book has definitely gone out the window. Simon always said there were no rules on any of the shows he’s done and that’s probably why I am still there.

“[There are] Nine golden buzzers in total. Bruno set the precedent last year when he just kept on pressing it.

“But the thing was is that there was so much talent when we were in the southern part of England and Simon was so upset that when we were going up to Manchester that there wouldn’t be any more golden buzzer’s that he said ‘Right, everyone get’s another golden buzzer because we can not go to Manchester with no golden buzzers’. So we had more, it was brilliant!”

Asked if the series is “as good as ever this year” or if the talent has “dried up”, Amanda responded: “Honestly this question comes round every year and of course the answer is ‘No, Great Britain is brilliant and people grow up with the show so as it gets older, people sort of think outside the box and it’s fantastic’.

“I’m going to say, and I really mean this – we watched the first episode with all the press and everything this week… It is the best opening show in 17 years of the series. I was like side slammed, I was crying my eyes out, my eyelash fell off, I was laughing… I cannot believe the show still has this much to give.””


Britain’s Got Talent airs this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV1 and ITVX.

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